Oct 15, 2016

What I've been doing since my last blog post

So, It's been a while since my last blog post. So here's a quick recap of what I've been doing since then.

I created a neat little experimental project. I was hoping to try and turn it into an actual game, but it never got past the experimental phase:
Codenamed: Flowall. It's neat, but not very fun
 I got to see a tornado up close:
A partially formed tornado
I also made a game for a college project. I wasn't able to use Gamemaker, so it's not as good of a game as it could have been. I'm happy with the result though, you can download the game by clicking here: http://gamejolt.com/games/papercut/142267/download/build/324763

 After the spring college semester ended, I played with shaders to try and create some more neat visual effects:
Based on the game "Valkyria Chronicles"
And then I got back to working on what I was calling "My Western Game"
Heading back to work
 I continued to work on the game, sharing updates and screenshots on both twitter and instagram.

  And then on September 24th I was able to show off my game at Tulsa Game XPO. It was a great way to get feedback on what I had already accomplished and get a good idea of how to keep making the game and pushing forward. I finally decided to name the game "The Ballad of Lone Phoenix."

To the game expo!
 This past week I've been developing a game that one of my young cousins had an idea for. I really enjoy hearing the unbridled imagination of young kids, and so getting to work on something just for the sake of fun was a breath of fresh air.
Don't have a name for this game yet, but it's pretty cool
So here we are now. This coming week I'll be finishing up the mobile game and uploading it to app stores, and getting ready for the public demo of "The Ballad of Lone Phoenix" on November 5th.

I've got a lot to do before the public demo of TBoLP so I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep distractions to a minimum and get the work done.

Thanks for reading!

William Josiah Jones

Jan 30, 2016

A quick distraction game demo

So, I got distracted while working on my main western game. I made this small game. Right now it's just a very simple maze game. I'd really like your opinions on how the game looks. So if you like it, let me know, if it hurts your eyes or looks stupid, let me know.

This game has some soft flashing lights, so if you're sensitive to that stuff, just check the screenshots (I'll add an option to turn that off later)


Here's the link to the game: www.angelwirestudio.com/A'STARA.exe

Thanks for stopping by,
Josiah Jones,

Jan 6, 2016

Quick Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I've got a couple minutes, so I figured I'd write a quick post to give you an idea of what's been going on, and what will be going on throughout the rest of the year.

My college classes and assignment over the last semester have taken a lot of energy from me. I'm not claiming that I don't have the time to work on my games due to college, but since I'm taking a lot of computer related classes, by the time I'm done with my college work, the last thing I want to do is work in front of a computer for several more hours. With that said though, I will try to do a much better job of working on my games and providing updates here on the blog and on my twitter account and facebook page throughout this next semester.

With regards to my western game (currently titled "Wild Western") I'm working on implementing the non-playable characters and how they move around the world. I was initially going to plan out their every movement throughout the world, but I've decided that having such a strict system wouldn't work well. So as of now I'm working on a pathfinding algorithm to allow the characters to move around more freely. I hope I can work on "Wild Western" during my spring college semester, but I anticipate doing a lot of work on it over the summer. I'm hoping to be able to really re-announce the game to the public by the end of the summer. I feel like I showed the game way too early. I was hoping to have the game done by now, but the more I work on it the more I realize that there's so much more to do. And I really want this game to be the best it can be, so I don't want to cut any corners.

Anyway, I'm starting to ramble (hopefully it's all coherent, I just had an afternoon cup of coffee, so I'm pretty energetic at the moment).

I hope you've got some big dreams planned for 2016, but more importantly, I hope you chase them.


Jul 1, 2015

Splatoon2d version 2 is ready to be played!

Since a lot of people seemed to like the original Splatoon2d I made a while back, I've decided to update it. It includes some more maps, more game modes, 1 extra weapon and the ability to play as an octoling.

If you didn't know, Splatoon2d is a top-down de-make of Nintendo's game "Splatoon".

What is this exactly?
Splatoon2D is a mere shell of what Nintendo's Splatoon is. Splatter ink everywhere to win. You can swim in your own ink. Hit the other person with ink and they have to respawn.

Jun 4, 2015

An update on the Splatoon2d update

Splatoon2d has gotten quite an incredible reception on the internet. Three websites did news posts about it (Siliconera, Gamenesia, and GoNintendo) and I've received over 10,000 hits on my blog post!

I made the original Splatoon2d in only 3 days so there are quite a few unpolished edges and several things that I couldn't include due to time restraints. There have also been several requests for features that would make Splatoon2d into a much more well-rounded and entertaining experience.

So here's a quick update on what I've been doing since I've released Splatoon2d and what I'd like to add:

May 28, 2015


So, I don't know if you've heard or not, but Nintendo is releasing its colorful 3d shooter "Splatoon" around 15 hours from the time of this writing. If, like me, you're highly anticipating Splatoon's release, 15 hours is much too long. I have a solution. Play my version of Splatoon2D!

3 days ago I wanted to find a way to pass the time until Splatoon's release. So I figured I'd make my own version of Splatoon.

What is this exactly?
Splatoon2D is a mere shell of what Nintendo's Splatoon is. Splatter ink everywhere to win. You can swim in your own ink. Hit the other person with ink and they have to respawn.

Apr 13, 2015

Wild Western Tech Demo

It's been quite a while since I've posted here.
But I've got some pretty exciting news!
I've put together a tiny tech demo of Wild Western for you to download and play!

This is a small tech demo. It does not reflect the whole product. It merely showcases a small portion of a MUCH larger game. Parts of the game may have been taken out to focus on one particular aspect. If you would like to find out about the what the entire scope of the game will be, message me using any of the methods on the contact page.
To view the customize options, enter the barber shop and activate the mirror. Use the arrow keys to select your options and press X to accept and Z to cancel. Not all characters have different sets of clothes, but they all have different hats, hair styles, and accessories. Leave a comment here if you see a combination of hats, hairstyles, or accessories that don't look right. There are a lot of different combinations and I haven't checked them all yet.
To find out the controls for fiddling around with the filters press D to open the debug menu. But here are the controls anyway. F1 toggles the pixel overlay, F2 toggles the fade, F3 toggles motion blur, F4 toggles interpolation, F5 and F6 changes the color palette. The space bar toggles full screen (you can resize the game in windowed mode). 1,2,3,4 changes your character during the game. If you want to restart the game press Q+E+T simultaneously.
And now the moment you've been waiting for: the download link!
Click here!

I hope you enjoy. As always be sure to leave feedback on anything you see in the game, good or bad. (And now that I think about it, the game is prone to crashing when you press escape to exit the game, it's not a big deal since you're quitting anyway, just slightly annoying. I'll definitely fix it before releasing the next demo. )

William Josiah Jones,
AngelWire Studio,