A short little poem

     On the way to church today I saw the beginning of a poem I wrote a while back.  I then proceeded to expand upon that Idea.  By the time I got back from church I finished the poem.  It's not great but I figured I needed more posts for the blog anyway.
Enjoy    :->

Saving a princess is harder you'll see
than what all those fairy tales say it will be

A knight rode into a village one day
Seeking a princess who was taken away
The bandit a dragon with fiery breath
That would send even the strongest of knights to their death

Some people questioned and some people mocked him
But the knight was determined, no one could stop him
Hard times he met and hard times he beat
That knight was resolved, he would not know defeat

No matter how dark the skies seemed to be
He wouldn't give up 'til the princess was free.

This poem will end but the story isn't through
For the end of this story depends upon you.
Will you give up or will you press through
For the end of your story depends upon you.