Hard at work

I just wanted to let everyone(or anyone) know that I'm still hard at work on Trabae.  Since I decided to overhaul the graphics it's been a challenge.  But there are several great things that have come out of this decision.

     First off, I think making the change is giving the game more of a "soul".  It's not going to be about a ball jumping on squares to get to the other ball.  It will give the player more of a relationship with the game.

     Secondly it connects me with the very reason I started game development in the first place - doing things I don't think I can do, pushing myself as far as I can go, and then further.  I can make a game about a ball jumping around on a bunch of squares.  But I don't think I can make a game with detailed models, complex characters, or an engaging story.  I'm already starting to prove myself wrong.  Before I started overhauling the graphics, my 3d modeling skills stank.  But after challenging myself to do what I didn't think I could do; I'm getting much better. 

       I hope you're all as excited for the release of Trabae as I am.


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