Demo Release!!

I decided to release the demo for Volcosis (formerly known as Trabae) today.

Volcosis is an intuitive merger of two distinct game genres.  2d platforming and 3d platforming.  Dynamically switch between the two to get to the end of each level.

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New Stuff Added:
Complete graphics overhaul
Pushable blocks
Lava (everything is better if you add lava)
Probably some other stuff that I'm not remembering

Stuff Not Functional Yet:
Level creator
Custom level player

Other Cool Stuff:
You can turn the lighting for the lava on or off in the Controls/Settings panel
(if the levels with lava are lagging you should turn it off)
You can also customize the controls via the Controls/Settings panel

How to Get Started:
First, unzip the Volcosis file to anywhere. (mandatory)
Run the game (also mandatory :-> )

How to Play:
(default controls)
A: Jump
S: Switch
Space Bar: Zoom camera out
R: Restart level

If you have any issues with lag or find any bugs, let me know. 

>>>Download Here<<<

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