New Demo Coming Soon!

   I wanted to update you on how the demo is coming along.   Click read more to see

Stuff added/improved: 
Game play:
Customizable controls, both controller and keyboard
Added rolling logs
Improved player model
Improved level design (the levels look have a tighter feel to them)
New endpoint graphic

I've updated the look of the menu
I've updated the settings window

Level editor:
UI improvements
Added scroll select
Added a few more blocks
Added the ability to test levels without having to save them
Added a help file for the editor
Copy and paste levels work properly

Stuff Coming after the demo:
The story will probably be the last thing I put into the game.  I've been putting a lot of work into it, I hope it's good.

I'll add special challenge levels with different goals.  Like fewest jumps, fewest switches, shortest distance traveled, collect items before the time runs out, stuff like that.

After some testing with my siblings, I think co-op will be a lot of fun for everyone.  It requires a lot of communication and trust.

More levels
I'm hoping to have around 100 levels.  I don't want a game that can be finished in less than an hour.

Maybe a few more obstacles
If I run out of levels ideas before I hit 100 I'll add some more obstacles to keep things interesting.

Here's a couple of screenshots to hold you over 'til I finish the demo.

I'm going to work hard to release the demo this week.  I should be able to unless I run into a giant snag.