Volcosis levels update

I've finished designing the final single player level for Volcosis!  I've still got quite a bit left to do though...

The things I need to do before release:

-Finish the story
I've got the intro scene mostly done; the mid-game scenes pretty much finished, but I need to start working on the final scene and credits.

-Add the "Challenge Leaves"
Each level will be playable in challenge mode.  In challenge mode you need to collect all the "Challenge Leaves" in each level before moving on.  Challenge Mode will be unlocked after finishing the main game and will be considerably harder than normal.  I've placed the challenge leaves in the first 20 levels so far, and they're pretty hard.

-Update the level creator
Since I last updated the level creator, I've added a few blocks.  I'm need to add them to the level creator.

-Re-implement co-op
Since I first added co-op I've taken it out and re-implemented it twice.  Hopefully this will be the last time I need to put it back into the game.

-Do quite a bit of testing
I'm planning on doing at least 1 week of solid testing to make sure everything flows properly.

I should be able to release Volcosis sometime around June-July.  Hopefully I can find a way to keep it from being drowned in the E3 flood.

I can't wait to finally release Volcosis.

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