Volcosis Release Date

     On January 26th, 2012 I began working on a game.  I had the idea to make a platforming game where the player wasn't just limited to 2 planes of movement.  But I didn't want the player to be confined to the standard 3d platforming genre either.  So I began working on a game where the player could dynamically switch between 2d platforming and 3d platforming.  I began calling the game "Glue"(just the first random name that popped into my head).  After some work on the prototype I realized that I would need to try again.  The prototype was filled with bugs and glitches.  So I started working on a 2d platforming engine.  Once I finished, I began implementing the switching component.  It was awesome.  So I continued working until I felt it was ready to show to the world. 

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     So on April 13th I posted "Trabae"(Latin for something or other) to GameJolt and my blog.  People really seemed to like it.  But the one complaint I got was that the graphics were bland and uninteresting.  I tried for a little bit to improve the graphics, but I could never really give the game a "soul".  I just couldn't "connect" to a ball jumping around on a bunch of squares.

   On May 11th I posted an update on the blog explaining that I decided to completely overhaul the graphics for "Trabae".  I decided to add a story as well.

     So I worked on the game until it was finally ready to re-unveil to the world.  On July 26th (almost exactly one year ago.) I posted the fist demo for "Volcosis"(because the game takes place inside a volcano)

   I've updated the game a few times since then.  But now I'm finally ready to announce the release date - July 26th.  I was planning on releasing the game on the 30th; but when I saw the 1 year anniversary of the first "Volcosis" demo was just a couple days away, I had to change my plans. 

I want to thank everyone on GameJolt, and Gamemaker community, for your support throughout the development.  And also your patience.

I'd better get back to work, I've got a game to release!

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