2d Gameboy style artist wanted

I've come to the realization that Wild Western may be a bit too much for me to handle all by myself.  So I've decided to find an artist (or 2, or 3) to work with who can do some of the many buildings, characters, and other random stuff. If you're an artist and would like to be a part of this ambitious project, "Read more" for details.

First of all, if you haven't seen Wild Western yet, check out my last post announcing the game, and this youtube video:

     What art you'll be doing:
-Characters, in game representations and portraits for dialogue boxes (I'll have some designs for characters, but a lot of the characters you'll design if you want to)
-Buildings, interior and exterior (Same thing here, I'll give you some building designs that will need to be in the game, but the rest you can design yourself)
I'll be doing some graphics as well, so you won't have to do everything, just a majority (unless I can get multiple artists).

 Here are some examples to let you get an idea of what you'll be doing:

     Wild Western is a game in the style of old Game Boy games, which means:
-All graphics only consist of four colors (#E6FFD6, #8AC573, #316B52, #091921)
-Characters are only 16x16 pixels with 4 frames of animation in each direction (right, up, left, right)
-The game itself runs at 60fps with a resolution of 160x144 scaled up to 480x432
-Buildings are 64x64

     What you get:
-You're Name/Icon in the intro
-You're Name/Icon in the credits
-A percentage of the the profit
-A great feeling that you helped build an incredible world.

     Legal Stuff: (stuff that nobody likes, but has to be done)
-Anything you do for the game (character designs, building designs, artwork) can later be used outside the game by me for any purpose (marketing, sequels, prequels, merchandising, and so on) but credit will be given if possible.
-This is not an equal partnership, I'm the boss >:-)  So I have the final say in everything.

Thanks for taking an interest in helping build the world of Wild Western!

  To apply, send an e-mail to joe@joesgaming.com with the subject - Wild Western Artist Application -
In the e-mail be sure to include a link to some of your artwork (or embed them into the e-mail directly if you need to) Be sure to let me know about any questions or concerns you have.  If you see something in the Legal Stuff section that you don't like, let me know so we can try to work something out.

Thanks again, feel free to use the comment section below as well if you have any other general questions.

Josiah Jones - littlejoe
AngelWire Studio