This past Wednesday the pastor at my Church talked about success in life.  A couple of his tips to achieve success stuck with me.  The first is to determine where you are now.  The second is to determine exactly what success looks like.

So I'm going to do that in this blog post.

First I'll take a look at past success that have gotten me where I'm at now.

Volcosis has over 1000 downloads and the Youtube trailer has 1,800 views.  There was an article written about it on -  And it was pretty well accepted.  A cool thing about the game is that I was able to get permission from my favorite vocaloid artist, Monaca:Factory, to use the song "Flash" for the credits.

I've design a couple banners for and I was invited to be a guest on the Nintendo Okie Podcast to talk about some Wii remote designs I did, and my upcoming game "Wild Western" -

I've recently hired a pixel artist to do some work on "Wild Western" -

Right now I have 112 followers on Twitter
16 likes on the AngelWire Studio Facebook page
19 likes on the Partly Pop Can Facebook page

Here are my short-term goals (1-5 years):  They may seem random or impossible, but the only dreams worth having are the "impossible" ones.

Sell 1000 copies of Wild Western
Reach 1000 Twitter followers
Hire an artist to work on a game full time
Sell a game through Steam
Be asked to sell the rights to one of my games
Have a game with a Metacritic rating

Long-term life goals: Again, some of these may sound completely random, but that's the fun part about dreaming, the complete randomness.

100,000 Twitter followers.
Have Owl City compose a piece of music for one of my games.
Have a large enough staff for me to sit back and do only the design work.  No coding, graphic work or press stuff.  Just me telling everyone what to do.
Publish someone else's game.
Showcase one of my games at E3.
Be on a live in-person interview.
Make a game for a Nintendo IP.
Have the internet explode because I said something "controversial".
Have the internet love me because I said something "genius".

There you have it.  Where I'm at now, and where I want to be.  I encourage you to do the same thing.  Write out your current goals and keep the list with you as you go through life.  Because there may be a time when you are successful - But the only thing you see is someone else who seems to be more successful.  And instead of seeing how far you've come, all you can see is how far you have to go to be as successful as that guy with 10 more Twitter followers, or 100 more sales, or a 2 point better score on Metacritic.

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