Wild Western Battle Update

Here's an update on how you'll battle the rabid animals and enemies in Wild Western.

     I didn't want fighting to be a big part of the game.  In fact, I didn't originally have any fighting planned when I first started working on the game.  But I realized that exploring and talking to townspeople alone isn't enough to make a good game.

As you may have seen earlier, there will be four playable characters.  Since replayability will be an integral part of the game, I wanted to give the player a different experience for each character.  So I decided to give each playable character their own special attack.

The Cowboy: Pulls out his trusty pair of six shooters, and fires.

     It's pretty cliche, but fun nonetheless.  The sound effects are pretty cool too, if I do say so myself.

The Indian: Throws his tomahawk.  
     Again, pretty stereotypical and cliche, but I figured it was a little bit less boring than a bow and arrow.  I actually had him throwing a knife, but when I told Vlad (my graphics guy) about it, he suggested a tomahawk.  So I can't take much of the credit.

The Woman: Swings her parasol. 

     Her parasol will kill or stun any enemies that hit it.  What I like about her attack is that while the previous two characters play more like a shooter, the Woman plays more like a 2d Legend of Zelda game.  Which is pretty stinkin' cool.

Or: She dashes forward with incredible speed. 
     This attack doesn't even kill anything.  But it's great for avoiding enemies and getting around town quickly.  The fact that her attack can't kill anything by itself is something I think is great.  She's great for players that don't want to mess with all the annoying little creatures roaming around the world.

So there you have it!  A quick rundown of the fighting in Wild Western.  I'll keep trying to post as many of these small updates as I can.  Don't forget, if you're in the Oklahoma area, come by OVGE on August 9th and try out the first demo!  I'll see you there!

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