Wild Western Update

I've been pretty busy with Wild Western for a while now.  I've got a couple pieces of great news to share, so click "read more" to see what's going on!

     First off, I'll be releasing the first demo on August 11th!  But, if you're in the Oklahoma area and want to get a chance to play it sooner, there will be a playable demo at this year's Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition (www.ovge.com) on August 9th.  Check out their website for more information!

     Another super exciting story is that I've not only hired a part time artist (http://novally.deviantart.com/ ), but I also paid Afilion music (www.afilion.ca) to do a song for the game!  I'm super excited about the level of quality and polish that will result from hiring these two talented folks.

     Here's a couple of quick screenshots to tide you over 'til the next update:

Thanks for reading and I hope you're as excited for Wild Western as I am!
Josiah Jones,
AngelWire Studio,