OVGE coming up soon!

     Back in the middle of June I announced that I'd be showing off Wild Western at this years Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition. (OVGE - www.OVGE.com)  Time has really flown by since then; And now we're just 8 days away from go time on August 9th. The procrastinator in me is scared I won't be ready in time, the shy part of me is terrified about having to actually talk to people, but the game developer in me is incredibly excited about showing off my work and getting to meet new people with the same love of video games that I have.

     Something I don't think I've mentioned is that I'll also be showing off Volcosis and Partly Pop Can at the show as well.  They're both games that I think have a lot of potential that they couldn't quite tap into.

     So I guess the reason I made this post is to say: "Yes!! OVGE is almost here!" and to say: "Oh no!! OVGE is almost here! I need to hurry up and get back to work!!!!".

Anyway, Thanks for reading my random rambling.

Josiah Jones,
AngelWire Studio,