General Update

     I haven't posted any progress updates in a while - mainly because nothing exciting has happened in a while. Here's a quick recap of the past few months:
   1.  A Sunset Runner has been released for the iOS app store. It turned out to be much more difficult to port games to iOS than I expected. After several weeks of struggling I somehow managed to upload it to the app store.
   2.  None of my other games have been uploaded to the iOS app store. Gamemaker Studio and iOS just aren't getting along for me. I would love to see Partly Pop Can and Totem Pole Takedown on the iOS app store, but anytime I work on it I seem to get more trouble.

   3.  I got back to working on Wild Western. The first thing I did was tear apart all the placeholder objects I used for the OVGE demo. Getting rid of that work was hard to do, but the systems I used in the demo weren't near good enough to be used in the final game.

So there's what's been happening the last couple months. Not very exciting, but I figured I'd just make a quick post to keep everyone slightly up-to-speed.

Thanks for reading,
AngelWire Studio