So, I don't know if you've heard or not, but Nintendo is releasing its colorful 3d shooter "Splatoon" around 15 hours from the time of this writing. If, like me, you're highly anticipating Splatoon's release, 15 hours is much too long. I have a solution. Play my version of Splatoon2D!

3 days ago I wanted to find a way to pass the time until Splatoon's release. So I figured I'd make my own version of Splatoon.

What is this exactly?
Splatoon2D is a mere shell of what Nintendo's Splatoon is. Splatter ink everywhere to win. You can swim in your own ink. Hit the other person with ink and they have to respawn.

What does Splatoon2D not have?
  • Online multiplayer
  • 4v4 (it only supports 1v1)
  • Sub weapons
  • Super weapons
  • Single player campaign (you can make up your own story if you want to though)
  • Voice chat (no voice chat)
  • Decent graphic
  • A bunch of weapons (only 4 weapons)
  • Several maps (only 1)
  • High quality sound effects (all the effects are ripped from youtube videos)
 What does Splatoon2D have?
  • 4 Weapons
  • Main weapons
  • Controller support
  • Choose your own color!
  • Bugs & Glitches!
  • Terrible sound effects

Known bugs:
  • If you switch the game window's focus, all the ink may *possibly* disappear.
  • The game probably will crash when you close the game (which isn't that big of a problem since you're exiting the game anyway)
  • The controller controls are mapped to the Xbox 360 controller. I can't guarantee other controllers having the proper layout.
 Things I'd like to add later:
  • A simple one player game mode.
  • Better sound effects (I can probably do this after the game is released)
  • Customizable controller layouts
  • Some more maps (and better looking maps)
  • If there's an artist out there in the internets that would like to help with the art, shoot me an e-mail.

  • Keyboard:
    • Move: WADS
    • Look: Mouse
    • Shoot: Left Mouse Button
    • Swim: Shift
    • Jump: Spacebar
  • Controller:
    • Move: Left Joystick
    • Look: Right Joystick
    • Shoot: Right Trigger
    • Swim: Left Trigger
    • Jump: A
(It's only available for Windows operating systems at the moment, but I'm hoping to have a mac version sometime in the future)

Have fun!

(Remember, Splatoon and all the trademarks and stuff belong to Nintendo. If you like this game, buy Splatoon for your local Wii U. If you don't like this game, Splatoon is much better, you should buy it anyway.)

Josiah Jones,
AngelWire Studio


  1. no mac support? :(

    1. Not at the moment. I'm working to see if it's possible.

  2. Could you add bots sometime soon?

    1. I haven't tried implementing any bots. I don't know how hard they'll be to program into the game. But I'm looking to update the game and I'll certainly try to add some bots.

  3. Any chance you'll make it work on Windows 8.1? It left me with black screen as i booted the game..

    1. I wish I could. In order to build a game for Windows 8.1 I'd need a computer with that operating system. I'll be working and updating the game this week though and I'll certainly try to make it available for as many people as I can. Thanks for your interest!

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  5. I'm surprised at how fun this is, great game, however the default weapon is a bit over powered when you spin on the spot (way to much coverage). Also not sure if you would be up for it but maybe another map or two, and or including a larger one for 2v2... though not many people own 3 game pads but it would be amazing (hopefully coding out friendly fire and having another play being the same color isn't to hard)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and suggestions. I'm also surprised by how well everything worked together. I think that says a lot about how good the fundamental idea of Splatoon is. I'll certainly look into the weapon balancing. As for your other suggestion, I'll see what problems I'll have to overcome in order to implement 2v2. Thanks again!

  6. This is awesome! Maybe you could release the source code so people could tinker with it.

    1. Right now I'm working on an update that will add some more content along with better compatibility with platforms other than Windows. I'll share the source code as soon as it's finished. (I would share the current source code, but it won't be nearly as good as this update) I should have everything ready within a week from now.

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  8. This is cute and fun! It has a retro feel like Pong. Sure it isn't Splatoon Wii-U but is still cool!

  9. This is cute and fun! It has a retro feel like Pong. Sure it isn't Splatoon Wii-U but is still cool!

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  11. quiero ayudar en el desarrollo de este mini juego ayudando en el arte y gráficos https://translate.google.com/ use this for read.

  12. Can you try to add online multiplayer?

    1. That would be really cool, but I'm honestly not a good enough programmer to do it properly. I would be happy to give anyone the source code if they wanted to work on it though.

  13. Could you release the source code?

    1. Here's a link to the source code, I developed it using Gamemaker: Studio so you'll need that to open it: http://www.angelwirestudio.com/Splatoon2d2.gmz

  14. pls make this online multiplayer this is so fun but i have no one to play with :(

    1. I really wish I could! :( I've did some research into doing it but it's way too difficult for me to do all by myself. And even if I could do it, it would take a lot of work and I'm already super busy with other things. I'm sorry

  15. Wow! Really cool! :D Can you add more maps? :) That would be cool :)

  16. can i see a code? if not, how did you made ink work?

    1. It has been such a long time I don't know if I can find the original source code. The ink works with surfaces, a "splatter" sprite is drawn to the surface every time a player shoots. If you use Gamemaker Studio I recommend looking into surfaces to get a good understanding of how it they work.


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