An update on the Splatoon2d update

Splatoon2d has gotten quite an incredible reception on the internet. Three websites did news posts about it (Siliconera, Gamenesia, and GoNintendo) and I've received over 10,000 hits on my blog post!

I made the original Splatoon2d in only 3 days so there are quite a few unpolished edges and several things that I couldn't include due to time restraints. There have also been several requests for features that would make Splatoon2d into a much more well-rounded and entertaining experience.

So here's a quick update on what I've been doing since I've released Splatoon2d and what I'd like to add:

The first thing I started doing since the release of Splatoon2d was implement a computer controlled opponent. I'm sorry to say, I've given up on programming AI for the game. As much as I'd love to, I don't have the time to implement a fully functional bot. Since Splatoon2d is a side project I'm working on merely for fun, I don't feel like the time investment would be worth the reward.

The next thing I've tried to do is change the way the ink was drawn to the screen. Originally the ink would be drawn to a separate surface which would then be drawn to the game screen. I wanted to use a grid array system to simplify the process  while cause the game to perform better on multiple platforms. That too has been abandoned. The grid looks far too grid-like and very unnatural.

So, what am I planning on doing now that I've wasted several days on features that won't even be in the game?
--I need to fix the "Who Won" algorithm so that it will actually be right (revolutionary, I know)
--I will add a 1 player mode that's more than "Run around and do nothing for 2 minutes" (which was a lot of fun though, right?)
--I will add a 2 player co-op
--2 or 3 more maps (If I'm not careful I may end up with more maps than the original game)
--2 or 3 more weapons (I'll add some variations to the ones I already have, but I would like to add some completely unique weapons)
--I would like to add secondary weapons (You will be able to choose both your main and sub weapons independently)
--I will add a way to switch between up/down/left/right and forward/back/strafe movement for the keyboard (I personally like the way the keyboard controls are, but I understand that not everyone is exactly like me, sadly)
--Compatibility for different platforms other than Windows (HTML5, mac, and maybe some others)
--Some other stuffs probably
--Better graphics (hopefully)
--Better sound (probably)
--There's still too much player-to-player voice chatting going on. In order to be similar to the real Splatoon, in 2 player mode I need to find a way to keep both players from ever communicating with each other. Since both players will be in the same room at the same desk looking at the same screen, it may be difficult to keep them from communicating. But I want the experience to be as close to the real Splatoon as possible.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and suggestions! If there's anything else you'd like to see in the game leave a comment down below and I'll see what I can do!

Josiah Jones
AngelWire Studio


  1. te ayudare con los gráficos estaré dispuesta take this for read.

    1. Do you have a website where I can see what type of work you do? -- ¿Tiene un sitio web donde puedo ver qué tipo de trabajo que usted hace ?

    2. este es uno de mis trabajos y otro usualmente hago esto en pixel ya que no acostumbro a dibujar normal -- this is one of my jobs and other usually do this in pixel not used to draw as usual.

    3. Your pictures look very good. But I can not use pixel art. Pixel art doesn't fit the style. Thank you for asking to help. -- Tus fotos se ven muy bien . Pero no puedo usar pixel art . Pixel art no encaja en el estilo. Gracias por ofrecerse a ayudar.

  2. nothing, if you ever want to do something call me and thank pixel art


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