Splatoon2d version 2 is ready to be played!

Since a lot of people seemed to like the original Splatoon2d I made a while back, I've decided to update it. It includes some more maps, more game modes, 1 extra weapon and the ability to play as an octoling.

If you didn't know, Splatoon2d is a top-down de-make of Nintendo's game "Splatoon".

What is this exactly?
Splatoon2D is a mere shell of what Nintendo's Splatoon is. Splatter ink everywhere to win. You can swim in your own ink. Hit the other person with ink and they have to respawn.

Splatoon2d has some interesting things that the real Splatoon doesn't, while Splatoon contains a lot of features that my little de-make can't even compare to.
My de-make doesn't have:
  • online multiplayer
  • 4v4 game modes
  • a single player campaign
  • a 3rd dimension.
But my de-make does havve:
  • playable octolings
  • the ability to choose your color
  • tadpoles
  • a boomerang weapon.
  • some fun game modes that Splatoon doesn't have
WADS - Move, 
Space - Jump, 
Shift - Transform, 
Mouse - Shoot/Aim

I hope you enjoy the game. I'm working on porting it to mac, but it might take a while. Thanks!

I'm glad to finally be finished with this little side project, I'll now be working on my main game, check it out if you get a chance: http://angelwirestudio.blogspot.com/2014/04/introducing-wild-western.html

Josiah Jones
AngelWire Studio,


  1. Xbox controller not working? Also, its great! Soo fun.
    I might mess around with the source code and see what I can do!

  2. Tu juego necesita música , casi tanto como escenarios urbanísticos, y tu deberías hacer mejores los controles del 2do player, fuera de eso el juego avanza bien, pero otros proyectos de juegos de splatoon te estan dejando atras, por que los juegos tienen una dinamica parecida al metal slug, te falta poner la plaza ,tambien el modo historia.
    una pregunta rapida:
    cuando estara listo el modo online?

  3. Your play needs music, almost as much as urban scenarios, and you should do the 2nd best player controls, other than that the game goes well, but other projects splatoon games you are leaving behind, because the games have a similar dynamic the metal slug, you need to put the square, also the story mode.
    Quick question:
    You will be ready when the online mode?

    1. Thank you for the compliment and suggestions. I am finished working on the game. If any one else wants to add to the source code they can. Thanks again.

  4. can you make control settings?
    I really want to play that with my cousin

    1. I'll see what I can do, I may not be able to but I'll try.

  5. i'll wait Splatoon 2D Version 3 (i wish is have Online mode 4vs4,single player turf war Have bot


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