New fan game beta: Arms2d

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I've always enjoyed making fan games. In fact, one of my very first fully featured games was a DS homebrew project entitled "Link's Crossbow Training DS". And just a short while back I developed the fan game "Splatoon2D". As someone who doesn't have the skills to do impressive fan art or musical remixes, the best way for me to express my excitement and admiration for a game is to do what I know how to do: make a game.

So I hope that this little fan creation I develop gets you excited for the real thing. And I hope you have some fun as you get even more hyped for the game.

The premise of Arms is pretty simple, you battle with colorful and unique characters all with one very interesting similarity - they all have long extendable arms. While each character's arms are made up of different material (such as ribbons, springs, chains, noodles etc...) they all possess one universal quality: they can pack a punch.

While the original Arms is a 3d over-the-shoulder fighting game, my fan game, Arms2d is a 2d brawler.
And while Nintendo's game features an enormous amount of depth and strategy, this is just a simple hectic game that should give you some fun for a while.
  • Arms2d features every character currently announced for Arms (along with a few special guests)
  • Arms2d also features 1-4 player local multiplayer (You can use a keyboard and mouse, or controller) 
  • Arms2d also has computer controlled fighters if you just want to play solo
  • Unlike the original game, there is only one set of gloves, and one stage.
  • Since the game has been boiled down from 3d to 2d, some of the more nuanced character movements in the original games aren't included

Finally, here's the download link for the current beta: Arms2d (version 0.1) [for Windows]
(Windows may assume it's a virus so you'll have to ignore the warning)
 The purpose of this beta is to iron out any bugs, and make sure the characters are evenly balanced. When you're finished, it would help me a lot if you could fill out this short survey (only 4 questions): Survey Link
If you have any suggestions, comments, or criticisms, leave a comment below, or send me a message on Twitter @William_J_III

Thank you very much,
God bless