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Update on Roku development

I just thought I'd make an update about how I'm doing with the Roku

Roku 2-XS development

I'm sort of taking a break from ds development(just for a while) and developing for the Roku 2-XS.   The SDK is definitely a lot more complicated than DS Game maker;  but my games will be available to a much wider audience.  I'm not completely abandoning DS development, just expanding my horizon.

Game page updated

I've updated the games page,  go and check it out!

Links Crossbow Training Update

Link's Crossbow Training BR6 has finally been released!!  I made this update several month ago but never released it.  You can pretty much consider this the final update because I've given up on saving scores.  I may release the source code sometime but I don't know.  Here is the DSGM forum post:

Visus BR2

I've released Visus BR2 Here is the post . I've added a new feature to the game. Movement. It's sort of like a first person dungeon crawler, except you're blind. Turn with left and right on the d-pad, and press up to go forward. Press A to mark your current position and direction. Keep pressing A to cycle through different marks. Try and find the key to get through the door. If you want to skip a cut scene press select. Change Log: More story Added Movement Added health To Do: Make attacking harder Fix the dialogue Add more navigation levels Sound Update the marking ability to make it more understandable

1 Corinthians 10:31

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.   It occurred to me that I wasn't making games the way I was supposed to.  The verse above says whatsoever I do, do ALL to the glory of God.  I haven't been fulfilling that command.  I've been making games to earn the applause of those around me while giving God what's left.  And now I'm going to change that.  I'm going to start making games for God, and let those that play the game have some fun along the way. 

Small update

Still working hard on Visus. Here is how it is been going so far: Hit a road block, Work on it for about an hour, Find a simple solution, Repeat(again and again) But hopefully things will start clearing up soon and development will move along more smoothly.

I can blog from my 3ds

Like the title says, I can post using my Nintendo 3ds. I'm loving my 3ds more and more. :)

Visus Update

My newest game "Visus"   Story: In this game you play as an unknown protagonist.  You wake up in a dark room with no memory of how you got there, or who you are.  You meet two people, Dr. Harding and Ms. Nemont who tell you what happened.  You've had a bad accident, and now your blind.  While you were unconscious, they installed a microchip in your brain.  That microchip allows you top "see" colors and shapes representing real objects.  After some practice, you learn how to fight and defend yourself with a sword.  Soon someone else enters the room and demands Dr. Harding to give him the microchip.  After a violent struggle you and Ms. Nemont escape to a safe place where she shares more information with you.  The microchip in your brain, if given to the wrong person, could cause that person to be nearly indestructable.  After a short rest, Ms. Nemont decides to go back inside the building to find and rescue Dr. Harding.  Before leaving she tells you that she c

Second Post

Wow! Two posts already!

First Post

This is my game development blog.  I'll be posting news, screen shots, and other info about games I'm working on.  I'll also talk about games that I'm playing, music I'm listening to, or anything else I'm doing.