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Partly Pop Can released!

Partly Pop Can is now available to purchase through Google Play! Google Play Download Page If you'd also like to try the game on your PC you can check it out on its GameJolt page here

Partly Pop Can Beta 3 for the PC

A new beta version of Partly Pop Can for PCs is available to download now! New features: -Online high scores -Slight gameplay improvements -"Risking" beakers for points -New Costume select menu -More Sound effects -Lots of other stuff I can't remember! Go try it out! - I'm still aiming to release Partly Pop Can on Google Play, Amazon Marketplace, and GameJolt on Feb. 14th.  Check back often for updates! littlejoe, Angelwire Studio, TGBTG

Candy & Crunch - a game for the #candyjam

I heard about the candyjam through twitter and I thought it would be fun to participate.  For anyone that doesn't have a clue what a "candyjam" is, I'll explain it.  The popular game company has filed a trademark for the word "candy" as well as a few other common words.  The purpose of the game jam is to make a game themed around candy, with the word in the title, in protest.  So that is what I have done.  I present to you "Candy & Crunch":