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I've updated Trabae. Here is a simple list of what's new: Local Co-op Added Customizeable controls (Jump and Switch Gravity only(and only Alpha Numeric characters(A-Z 0-9(whoa, quadruple parenthesis)))) Improved Level Selecter Improved Level Editor (You can now make Co-op levels)  Head over to the GameJolt page to read more. Trabae GameJolt Page

Trabae Progress Update

I just wanted to make a post on how I was doing with Trabae and how I've been improving it.
I made this video for Trabae, I hope you like it -  The Video (I made the music myself)

Custom Trabae Level

  !1-352-288! !1-384-320! !1-416-352! !1-448-384! !3-432-384! !3-400-352! !3-368-320! !3-336-288! !1-320-256! !6-320-240! !2-352-352! !7-368-368! !1-352-384! !1-384-384! !3-416-384! !3-416-400! !3-432-400! !3-384-352! !3-384-368! !3-400-368! !3-368-336! !3-352-336! !3-352-320! !3-336-304! !3-320-288! !3-304-272! !3-288-256! !3-304-256! !5-336-320! !5-336-336! !5-336-352! !5-336-368! !5-336-384! !5-336-400! !5-496-368! !5-496-384! !5-496-400! !5-496-416! !4-528-384! !4-528-400! !4-544-400! !4-544-384! !1-608-384! !1-608-576! !5-496-432! !5-512-432! !5-528-432! !5-544-432! !5-560-432! !5-576-432! !5-592-432! !5-608-432! !5-608-416! !5-480-432! !5-464-432! !5-464-416! !1-544-576! !1-480-576! !1-416-576! !1-352-576! !2-352-544! !2-352-480! !2-352-416! How to play this level in Trabae:     Copy the above block of text. Go to the Trabae title screen Click on "Create Level" Press ' C ' Press "Enter" and save the level to your computer Press "BackSpace&

Trabae BR2 released

I'm feeling kinda lazy right now so I'll just copy the Game Jolt description ;->

My first soundtrack!!!

Okay, I've been working on a soundtrack for Trabae and I've uploaded it to the Game Jolt page ,  it's not much yet, but I  hope it will sound good whenever it's finished.  Go over and check it out!

Trabae beta release

After quite a while of work I'm very excited to present "Trabae".  It's pretty fun if I do say so myself.  The point of the game is to get to the purple circle by jumping from platform to platform.  But there's a catch, there's a lot of platforms that would be impossible to reach by traditional 2d platforming.  So how do you finish the level?  Easy, all you do is switch the gravity from 2d to 3d.  It may be impossible for a 2d platformer but not for a 3d platformer.  By now you probably can't wait to play it.  So here is the GameJolt page for the game.  Go play it and let me know what you think. 

Knight Fight Final release

I've done some more work and now I think I'm finally finished with "Knight Fight" So here it is - Click Read more for some pics.