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Arms2d is Finished

Before you get any further, I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at this post detailing the motivation for Arms2d: Arms2d Motivation Without any further ado, here are some download links for Arms2d: [Windows Installer]   -  [Windows ZIP]   -  [HTML Web Build] So, what is Arms2d? Arms2d is a 2d fan demake of Nintendo's upcoming game, Arms (my fan game is not endorsed in any way by Nintendo) While Nintendo's game is a complex over-the-shoulder fighting game, my simple fan project is a free-for-all Super Smash Bros. style beat-em-up. What does Arms have that Arms2d doesn't have? Arms2d has one set of gloves - Arms has a bunch of different gloves that takes the strategy of the game to a whole new level Arms2d only has one stage - Arms has many unique stages Arms2d only has one game mode - Arms has quite a few really interesting game modes Arms2d doesn't have online multiplayer - Arms has online multiplayer with some really awesome features Ar

New fan game beta: Arms2d

//If you're in a hurry, here's a download link for the most recent beta: [Windows EXE version] [Windows Installer version] [Windows ZIP version] [HTML5 Web Version]  When you're finished, please fill out this short survey I've always enjoyed making fan games. In fact, one of my very first fully featured games was a DS homebrew project entitled "Link's Crossbow Training DS" . And just a short while back I developed the fan game "Splatoon2D" . As someone who doesn't have the skills to do impressive fan art or musical remixes, the best way for me to express my excitement and admiration for a game is to do what I know how to do: make a game. So I hope that this little fan creation I develop gets you excited for the real thing. And I hope you have some fun as you get even more hyped for the game. The premise of Arms is pretty simple, you battle with colorful and unique characters all with one very interesting similarity - they all h