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Volcosis is finally released!

After more than a year of development Volcosis is finally  ready for release.  Volcosis is an innovative 2d AND 3d platformer.  Dynamically switch between the two in order to reach the end of over 80 challenging levels.  Volcosis features: -Story mode -Challenge mode -Local co-op -Controller support -Custom texture support -Level editer -Level sharing Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout development. Download Volcosis here: Game Jolt Page Enjoy!! TGBTG

Volcosis Release Date

     On January 26th, 2012 I began working on a game.  I had the idea to make a platforming game where the player wasn't just limited to 2 planes of movement.  But I didn't want the player to be confined to the standard 3d platforming genre either.  So I began working on a game where the player could dynamically switch between 2d platforming and 3d platforming.  I began calling the game "Glue"(just the first random name that popped into my head).  After some work on the prototype I realized that I would need to try again.  The prototype was filled with bugs and glitches.  So I started working on a 2d platforming engine.  Once I finished, I began implementing the switching component.  It was awesome.  So I continued working until I felt it was ready to show to the world.  Click read more to continue reading...

Volcosis Is Almost Done!

Well.  Like the title says, Volcosis is nearing completion.  Click read more -