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Introducing "Wild Western"

     In honor of the Game Boy's 25th anniversary, I'm excited to introduce to you my current project, "Wild Western".      Wild Western is a post-apocalyptic Game Boy style retro western RPG. (how's that for an elevator pitch?)      Humanity has been nearly wiped by a mysterious set of circumstances.  And the survivors have been forced to take refuge underground.  After years of adjustment, the townsfolk have finally settled in, and have now started life anew.  But soon, series of events will take place that could threaten the last of humanity.  It's up to you to stop those events and unravel who's behind it all.      You can choose to play as one of four main characters:    -A rugged mysterious cowboy    -A grown boy trying to learn what it takes to be a man    -The despised entrepreneurial businesswoman who practically owns the town    -An independent young girl from the rival town across the prairie Screenshots!! - The four playable char