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Knight Fight Beta Release 1

I've been putting a lot of work into knight fight lately and now I think it's ready to enter Beta Release Phase 1.

A short little poem

     On the way to church today I saw the beginning of a poem I wrote a while back.  I then proceeded to expand upon that Idea.  By the time I got back from church I finished the poem.  It's not great but I figured I needed more posts for the blog anyway. Enjoy    :->

Animation Practice

I was working on my newest character and started doing some animation.  It took a while but I finally came up with this: It's probably my best animation ever, but that's only because I don't do much animation(designing is more my thing).  But anyway, feel free to watch him as long as you'll like; he'll never get tired. :->

New character

Here is a character I'm working on: MachoCoolSkeletonTuxedoGuyWithSoulPatch (temp.) I'm still trying to think of a game that he'll fit in, I'll probably go for a detective platformer. 

New update!

     It occurred to me that I haven't been posting here on my blog much lately.  So I think I'll reveal more about my upcoming game (untitled).