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Wild Western

This is a just a small side project I've worked on the last couple of days, it's called "Wild Western". It's a western game with the graphical style of the old Game boy. Here's the game info: Wild Western is a retro western game with Gameboy style graphics. After humanity has been forced underground; a townsperson must daily exit the safety of the cave in order to retrieve water from the well outside.  Where deadly snakes and birds run rampant.  Controls- X - A (jump) Z - B (action) (If you have a controller you can use that too) (I like to use my USB SNES controller to play) You can download the game here: Game Jolt Page Music Used: Title Theme: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 8-bit - The8bitwizard1 - Cave Theme: Back to the Future 2&3(NES) "Old West" GBelair - Outside Theme:K.K. Western - Animal Crossing (8-bit) TheNinte

Introducing "Partly Pop Can"

Partly Pop Can is a game currently in development for Android and PC. After some experimental goop is spilled into a pop can, the pop can comes alive. Bounce, fly, soar, and shoot your way through the laboratory.  Collect the small green beakers while avoiding Professor Glob's deadly traps. This will be my first attempt at making a game for Android.  It will also be my first game I sell.  Up until now my games have all been free to play.  I still haven't figured out the pricing scheme, but it will definitely be as affordable as I can possibly make it while still being able to make a little bit of money. There's also going to be a huge level of customization.  Right now there are 30 different hats, 17 different accessories, and 10 different suits.  Making over 6000 unique ways you can customize your pop can.  There are all sorts of crazy, cool, cute, and classy combinations.  Here are just a few: I'm hoping to release a demo very soon.  I really can